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'omfg I can has scans' - second and last

Obviously I lied in my previous post when I said I would only share scans once XD Here I come with the scans of the +act mini (Arashi only this time).
There are two reasons behind that.

First, the +act mini has indeed been posted somewhere but not on LJ and anyway it's the kind of post where you have to request a password to be able to dl the file and bla bla bla. Well I find this shoot adorable so people should get the chance to see it <3
Secondly, I was very surprised (and by that I mean nicely surprised) at the number of people who actually commented to thank me for the orista scans^^ I expected less and it makes me think fandom is full of very nice people. So I'm wholeheartedly willing to share a bit more.

Also F-list, this is the last post of this kind, I promise <3 All other things Johnny's-related I bought in Japan have already been shared plenty of time so my generous days will soon be over ;p
After this post, I'll try to organise both my thoughts and pictures to give you a good summary of my little stay in Japan <3

But for now...

+act mini 2010 vol. 10 - Arashi

Once again, images are heavy and the format was not totally fitting my scanner so my apologies for the little imperfections.

LQ Preview :

(lol, I'm sorry; the last one is so very random. But you never get too many pics of Nino, right :D?)

LINKS FOR HQ (17 pages)  I've included the cross talk and report pages, in case some people actually want to read them :D
- Megaupload
- Mediafire

Enjoy ♥
Tags: arashi will take over the world, sharing is loving
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