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Just so you know, I've had a very ON and OFF relationship with LJ over the past year so don't expect much from me here - just the occasionnal, reasonnable amount of flailing and ranting. I'm much more active on tumblr
Never not pretty

'omfg I can has scans' - second and last

Obviously I lied in my previous post when I said I would only share scans once XD Here I come with the scans of the +act mini (Arashi only this time).
There are two reasons behind that.

First, the +act mini has indeed been posted somewhere but not on LJ and anyway it's the kind of post where you have to request a password to be able to dl the file and bla bla bla. Well I find this shoot adorable so people should get the chance to see it <3
Secondly, I was very surprised (and by that I mean nicely surprised) at the number of people who actually commented to thank me for the orista scans^^ I expected less and it makes me think fandom is full of very nice people. So I'm wholeheartedly willing to share a bit more.

Also F-list, this is the last post of this kind, I promise <3 All other things Johnny's-related I bought in Japan have already been shared plenty of time so my generous days will soon be over ;p
After this post, I'll try to organise both my thoughts and pictures to give you a good summary of my little stay in Japan <3

But for now...

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Never not pretty

OMFG I can has scans :O

...But don't get used to it because it's a once twice in a lifetime happening XD

What can I say? I was getting bored in the airport and I still had 2000 yens to spend before taking off so... I bought 2 magazines which covers featured Arashi : The +act mini (which is absolutely gorgeous but I won't scan, because it's a pain in the butt and I think it's already been done anyway) and the latest issue of Only Star. I think it hasn't been shared yet. And if it has, well, my bad <3
I scanned almost all the Arashi related pages (that is to say almost half the magazine XD), Ryo and Kame's solo pages, and eventually added the 4 pages dedicated to Perfume because they're just about the cutest girls ever <3

Though I resized the pics, their size is ridiculously big and I'm too much of a noob in picture editing to even try resizing them any more than this. Also, the quality is pretty so-so for the mag was too big for my (roommate's) scanner and the scanner itself isn't one of the best. Sorry for that too D:

Now you're wondering why even bother downloading the scans, right ? XD Well, feel free to ignore this post completely. I'm sure real HQ scans will be out sooner or later ;p

ONLY★STAR 08/16 to 23 :

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Rofl. I'm never doing that again :D But yay, for once it feels like repaying a bit some of the people who usually share their scans <3